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Stuart Burchill

Stuart Burchill Creates Heat Shield Coatings to Insulate Large Tanks

The long-lasting solution manufacturers have been waiting for is here thanks to Stuart Burchill’s nanotechnology. Manufacturers face the difficult task of insulating their large tanks and processing equipment. These tanks usually hold fuel oil, process asphalt, or are used in chemical processing. Depending on the nature of the factory, tanks can tower multiple stories high, […]

Stuart Burchill

Manufacturer Documents 47% Energy Cost Reduction With Stuart Burchill’s Technology

A recent case study shows that Stuart Burchill’s award winning thermal insulation is beyond sustainable. The Synavax Sustainability Series has produced revolutionary products that are entering factories worldwide, as manufactures strive to be more sustainable while saving money. Stuart Burchill’s patented and award-winning spray on insulation technology saves clients energy, improves factory safety, lowers carbon footprints, […]

Stuart Burchill

Stuart Burchill’s Non-Toxic Insulation Protects Factory Employees

Eco-friendly spray on coating patented by Stuart Burchill changes the standard for insulation quality. Insulation is an essential part of construction, whether that be for a home, commercial building, or factory. It helps owners cut costs on electricity by improving temperature efficiency and increasing safety measures. Even though this insulation can sometimes be hidden away […]