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Nanotechnology Expert, Stuart Burchill, Solves Big Problems With Tiny Invention

Factories and chemical plants face big challenges when it comes to maintaining and operating large equipment. These concerns include protecting employees’ physical well-being, combating high energy costs, and reducing downtime on production lines. All of these problems revolve around big equipment, but can be solved with a very small solution. Stuart Burchill’s patented nanotechnology has […]

Seeing is Believing… and Stuart Burchill is Demonstrating a New Standard of Workplace Safety

Stuart Burchill demonstrates how his patented nanoscience based inventions lower energy bills for manufacturers AND increase worker safety. In the past, groundbreaking technology could sometimes seem out of reach or too good to be true. Decision-makers and gatekeepers in factories hesitate when presented with a new invention they haven’t seen work in real life, and […]